ScanShield ApS offers a unique and rapid deployable system for ballistic protection of containers and buildings as well as vehicles. The system consists of two elements, a special designed tarpaulin and a rack mount.

The system is highly flexible and is easily adapted to different situations in urban warfare, protection of camps and infrastructure.

The special designed tarpaulin is a light weight and flame resistant tarpaulin, which is furnished with pockets offering room for ballistic protection tiles.

The tarpaulin can quickly be mounted on different structures and zipped together to establish a unique and full protection against blast and fragment impact from explosives.

The special designed rack is a foldable light weight steel rack constructed to furnish place for the tarpaulin in establishing a protection wall of any length required.

The special designed tarpaulin and rack has successfully been tested by the Danish Army Authorities.


Download the full specifications of the Coverit Protection System her: